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Reporting Process

Spiral Staircase

Continuous learning about  food system activities, and priorities, and communicating or reporting about what works is an essential role of food councils.   There are many interested audiences:

  • The community itself:  Community members and local government leaders
  • Other councils in the network: what’s working in one community might help another and is a great way to encourage learning together
  • State agencies and organizations: Aligning resources and investments with local priorities

The Community Food Strategies initiative works with established food councils to develop a common or shared reporting process that:

  • Builds capacity within local councils to share what works, report their priorities, and activities and, what they’ve learned
  • Develops shared metrics across the network  benefiting everyone’s efforts in affecting change
  • Creates an overall picture of North Carolina’s community based food system

Are you interested in helping shape the reporting process? Contact us.