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North Carolina Food Councils

Join NC food policy council listserv, a forum to discuss food and farm policies, share events and opportunities, and connect food council members and partners across the state. 

National Food Policy Network

Join the Food Policy Network listserv for resources, events, and idea exchange with food councils and food policy advocates across the United States.


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Are you interested in forming a new food council?

Are you interested in learning more about our work and how we can help your community?


Connect with us on regular network calls:

As a way to continue building relationships across regions and around specific topics, we host network calls with food council members and interested partners.


Connect to food councils across the state through topic-based calls.

Join us on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. 

More information coming soon!


Connect to food councils and partners in your region.

These quarterly calls occur on Wednesdays.


 Community Food Strategies hosts these virtual spaces for food councils to connect and share information, resources, and feedback to each other on issues they are working on in their local communities. Currently, there is only one Collaborative Call group meeting quarterly on Food Waste & Recovery. If you are interested in regularly connecting with councils around a specific issue, please contact Jared Cates at and Miles Kirksey

Food Waste & Recovery 

(Mar 18, Jun 17, Sep 16, Dec 16)

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Join this call to connect with NC food council members and stakeholders engaging in food waste and recovery conversations and activities.