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Applications open July 9th

Applications due Aug 17th

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Transformation | Collaboration | Community: 2020 Food Council Microgrants

We’re inviting food councils to be funders! With the 2020 microgrants, we want you to better understand each other’s work and decide where the money goes. To do that, we’re experimenting with an alternative, participatory grant-making process, called Shared Gifting.

Each existing food council that is currently a part of our NC Food Council Network is invited to join a regional Shared Gifting Circle with other food councils.  Each participating food council in the Gifting Circle will receive funds for your participation and receive funds to gift to other food councils.  You make the decisions on who and how much to gift to the other Circle participants in that region.

  • “This process mightily enriches the peer to peer sharing at the heart of Maine Network of Community Food Councils.  Each Council learns about the work of the others…  Councils really begin to feel like they are the network, and innovation is greatly accelerated across the Network.”

    Ken Morse, Co-Coordinator
    Maine Network of Community Food Councils has been using Shared Gifting for several years.

Shared Gifting

To better understand shared gifting, watch this video below or review these RSF Social Finances resources.

2020 Microgrant Overview Webinar

Watch this informational webinar for an overview of shared gifting, the microgrant specifics, and an introduction into implicit bias to prepare us to be the funders.


  • Applicants are active food councils.
  • Applicants have been engaged in the North Carolina network of local food councils.
  • All NC food councils, whether applying for grant funds or not, are invited to participate in the shared gifting process to distribute funds.

Are we a food council?

Food councils are not one-size-fits-all, and not all are called ‘councils.’ If you are a new council, are new to this network, or have questions about whether your cross-sector group qualifies to apply, please consider the definition of a food council click button below and then contact us at communityfoodstrategies@gmail.com.

Responsibilities of Applicants & Shared Gifting Circle Participants

  • Familiarize yourself with Shared Gifting by viewing the webinar and resources.
  • Submit a completed application with multiple members of your food council
  • Secure an entity to accept/distribute the funds (fiscal agent, community organization, 501(c)3, etc)
  • Ensure 2-3 food council members participate in the shared gifting orientation and event.
  • Complete a short evaluation of the project and how the funds were used



  • June: Shared Gifting Overview webinars were held on June 24 & June 30th
  • July 9: Grant invitation sent to all active councils
  • August 6 & 11: Open Talk Hours – call in to ask our team any questions about your microgrant application
  • August 17: Application deadline
  • Shared Gifting Circles:
    • Each region’s Shared Gifting Circle will take place over two days. 
    • Day 1 will begin on a Thursday at 1pm
    • Day 2 will begin the following Tuesday at 9am 
  • Triangle – Sep 10, Sep 15
  • Charlotte –  Sep 17, Sep 22
  • West – Sep 24, Sep 29
  • Southeast –  Oct 1, Oct 6
  • Northeast – Oct 8, Oct 13
  • Triad – Oct 15, Oct 20


If you have questions, please contact us at communityfoodstrategies@gmail.com.

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