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Develop Strategic Plans

Roots of Big Old Tree

During the growth phase, a council puts in place all the essential supports it will need to successfully take action. Strategic plans can be developed once the following are in place:

Why create a strategic plan?

When they reflect the desires and aims of council members, strategic plans:

  • Keep everyone on the same page with where the council is headed
  • Allow for greater coordination of effort across committees
  • Maximize limited resources (time and money)
  • Provide focus to move from to action

What does a strategic plan look like?

An effective strategic planning effort:

  • Suggests how critical functions of the council might address community priorities
  • Spells out organizational capacity building for the council as an entity
  • Aligns resources with critical council functions
  • Defines goals based on community priorities and council development needs
  • Establishes measures of success for each goal
  • Identifies activities to address each goal
  • Establishes measures of success for each activity
  • Measures and celebrates what has been learned as well as positive changes

What else should you consider?

A strategic plan for a food council is NOT the same thing as a food system action plan for a community, although they are related.

Here are helpful tools and resources about strategic plans