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Sample Council Purposes

Seedlings on Windowsill

The purpose of a council is a statement that makes it clear what focus and functions a council will provide.  The vision, mission, and values are created later, based upon this purpose.

A sample purpose statement:

This council serves as a bridge across various organizations, agencies, and groups whose statewide work supports vibrant farms & fisheries, healthy people, strong communities, thriving local economies, and resilient ecosystems through a common aim: NC’s local food systems.  Specifically, this council is charged with:

  • Sharing information between member organizations
  • Exchanging information with local and regional food councils
  • Fostering support of local food systems within member organizations
  • Making policy recommendations that encourage development of a robust local food system and a healthier population.

And another:

To serve as a convener and catalyst for the Forsyth County community food system and to guide the implementation of the study Forsyth County’s Community Food System. This includes building relationships between stakeholders, fostering connections, and raising awareness in the community of food system issues and initiatives. The initial intent of the Consortium is not to house programs, but to work with existing entities and individuals in our community to assist them with connection and relationships needed for program development and leveraging of resources. The Consortium will also inform local government on and advocate for policies that strengthen the community food system.