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The Community Food Strategies team helps its member councils develop, design and manage their affairs more effectively by strengthening their capacity through technical assistance and training. The Community Food Strategies team aims to explore synergies between technical assistance and training—or capacity development—to maximize their effectiveness at serving as network developers.

We work in collaboration with other service providers, ensuring  each community receives relevant, and wholly innovative expertise. Technical assistance and training are important for member councils’ capacity development activities and are important benefits of the network of councils membership as they interact with other community councils and engage in a collaborative learning environment through council phases.

Building community capacity at a local level through food council development helps the government implement more effective policies, leading to better economic outcomes, and a stronger, vibrant food system.  Armed with continuing education, a council and can address crisis-related challenges and effect changes to the system at large.

Specialized technical assistance and training from the Community Food Strategies team helps build capacity in localized areas, strengthening the food system and providing a unique experience for each community.

Services by Phase of Food Council Development – Handout

Technical Assistance


Service Providers

Increasingly food councils across North Carolina are working together to adopt best practices and align efforts. Learn about the phases of food council development, including best practices, tools, and resources for each phase. Get technical assistance from our team of service providers, or join other food council members for relevant training.