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Transition Work to Council

Seedlings on Windowsill

The final step in the start-up phase of food council development is to transition the work from the organizing group to the newly formed council. Once the membership for the new council is selected, it is important for the organizing group to share the benefit of their experience to date with the new members.

How does this happen?

This may come in the form of a joint meeting, or through the inclusion of the organizing group as an advisory group which can be called on to weigh in on council issues for the first year (or a term limit determined in the council’s charter) to ensure the council keeps its intended direction. Another strategy is to fill leadership positions for the council’s first year with former organizing group members.

What else should you consider?

Whatever transition approach is taken, it is important that the new group is allowed to form its own conclusions, but without losing sight of what has already been learned by those that have already invested so much in the food council’s success.