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Stories of the Network

Story-telling is powerful and a great way to learn.  Each of your communities and your councils is structured differently, has access to different resources, and is tackling a variety of issues in different ways.


We learn best from each other and would like to invite you to share your council’s work to help inspire, educate, and motivate other food councils across the state.  We’re hoping to collect and share stories to:

  • Inspire other food councils with ideas of work they could do in their communities
  • Share best practices and lessons learned with other food councils
  • Highlight success stories for broader audiences to understand the impact of food councils

Through sharing each other’s stories, we can learn from each other and not reinvent the wheel. By contributing to this network, you are helping us all have greater impact.  We know you all have limited time and, therefore, are offering support in crafting stories in a blog post, on social media, and possibly through video.

If you have a project, partnership, or resource that you would like to share in story form with the network, please include the highlights in this Food Council Story Form below or contact  After the form is completed we’ll schedule an interview call to collect more details, discuss goals, and determine a timeline for completing the story.

Guiding Frameworks Learn about the principles that guide our work and reflect our values.