• Video: Celebrating Food Councils in 2020

    In this video, we celebrated the work of food councils through this unprecedented year of 2020. We asked what they were most proud of and why food justice work is critical.

  • Hiring

    Position Openings

    We’re currently looking to fill two positions – a Program Assistant and a Youth Food Council Catalyst.

  • visit nc app

    Food Council and Visit NC Farms App: Call for Collaboration

    The initial wave of COVD-19 concerns sparked an increase in consumer demand for local farm products and a dramatic shift to online marketing for farmers. One of the tools farmers and consumers have turned to is the Visit NC Farms App from the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Stories of the Network

Story-telling is powerful and a great way to learn.  
Each of your communities and your councils is structured differently, has access to different resources, and is tackling a variety of issues in different ways.