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council development toolkit

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Collections of what we’ve learned from years of food council development.  Contact us with any questions or feedback.

Baseline Assessment Toolkit

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A Toolkit for Communities from Seed to Start-Up

This toolkit is intended for community members interested in developing a cross-sector group organized to positively impact food systems change in their whole community. Our ‘best practices’ and example activities are outlined here, including tools for outreach, organizing, and decision making to create an active and engaged food council that has impact and staying power in your community. NOTE: This toolkit is being updated. Updated version will be available in Summer 2020.

Communities can use this toolkit as a starting place or a tool to come back to for re-organizing or re-energizing an existing council effort.

Please consider emailing us to let us know that you have downloaded this toolkit, and share your feedback on this toolkit’s utility. We intend to incorporate what we learn into future editions and would like to share updates with you. Please send comments and questions to

Council Development Toolkit

Video: How to Use the Food Council Development Toolkit


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